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I am an angry feminist

I am an angry feminist. I am an angry feminist because I am told to shut up. Because I am German, I am white, I study in Amsterdam. Shortly, I am a white, middle-class girl with good education. So, people … Continue reading

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Why Muslims should love secularism

From NOW. by Hussain Ibish Why Muslims should love secularism Though secularism is widely misunderstood as anti-religious and iconoclastic, all it means is the neutrality of the state on religious affairs Muslims should love secularism. But very few of them … Continue reading

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“Islam Belongs to All Its Believers” – Interview with Amina Wadud

From Interview with Amina Wadud ”Islam Belongs to All Its Believers” Amina Wadud is an American scholar of Islam with a progressive focus on Koran exegesis. In 2005, she led Friday prayers in the US, which not only broke … Continue reading

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