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Mona Eltahawy – Do Arab men hate women?

Mona Eltahawy’s article in Foreign Policy Magazine from 2012 ‘Why do they hate us?’ has been extremely controversial, especially considering the us vs. them binary of women vs. men which excludes men from wanting equality for women. Two days ago the … Continue reading

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Why Dictatorships Build Stuff that Crumbles

Originally posted on Dart-Throwing Chimp:
In a recent essay for Foreign Policy, James Traub gazes longingly at “the astonishing building and infrastructure projects that have propelled the growth of China’s cities—bullet trains, highways, ports, and giant manufacturing complexes.” He acknowledges that…

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Oppressed Majority

French Feminist Eléonore Pourriat made this shortfilm about everyday-sexism but with reversed roles. About five years after the making, the film has gone viral on youtube. You see an average man, Pierre, going outside with his kid, wearing “inappropriate” clothes … Continue reading

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