by Nabil Belkabir

The Moroccan regime’s still cracking down on protesters. Student Ayoub Boudad – a.k.a. Simpson – & other young activists are now behind bars. A campaign for their release is making headlines.

On April 6, when thousands of people [en] took to the streets in Casablanca, Morocco to answer the rallying cry of three the country’s three leading main labor unions, eleven student protesters were violently beaten and arrested by police. Although organized by labor leaders, student groups joined the protest to voice their own concerns about social and political issues affecting youth in the country.

Among those arrested were Ayoub Boudad, Hakkim Serroukh, Hamza Haddi, Mostafa Aarass, Mohamed Alharaq, Youssef Bouhlal, Amine Lekbabi and Fouad Elbaz — all members of the February 20 Movement, a pro-democracy movement that began in February of 2011, in the immediate aftermath of the Arab spring. The movement is associated with the Student Union for Educational System Reform (UECSE), and theNational Students Union of Morocco (UNEM), the two main student unions in Morocco. Ayoub Boudad — who uses “Simpson” as a pseudonym — has become a representative figure for the group, with supporters using the image of Bart Simpson as a symbol of solidarity.

Read the whole article and watch more publications on the issue here.

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