La Isla de Ometepe: Chasing Sunsets

Ometepe is the biggest fresh water island in the world and it has two volcanos, Concepción and Maderas, with the former still being active.

As mentioned in my last post, we got the ferry from Rivas and then stayed the first night in Moyogalpa (because I wasn’t sure when we’d get there and how tough the cycling would be).

Interesting hostel/homestay that was quite adventurous to get to, as it depended on the tide of the lake. Lake Nicaragua is gigantic, the bigger a lake is the more it behaves like an ocean, so that’s why it may seem unusual for a lake to have tides (at least it seemed unusual to me).

When we wanted to go to the supermarket to get some dinner the tide was pretty high, so I was already mentally preparing for walking through the water on the way back, but our hosts had rebuilt the dam with sandbags, so we were lucky.

The location directly at the lake did give us a great view of the sunset though (which was the main reason I had picked that one).

Staying in more of the centre of Moyogalpa would have been nicer and I saw a few guesthouses that just looked a lot better (cleaner, more modern etc). Then we cycled across the island to Balgue.

There we had an airbnb for two nights. Our host was actually one of the nicest people we met in Nicaragua. Foodwise we had both some of the best and some of the worst food of our trip in Nicaragua.

Ometepe in general is not exactly cheap (just by the nature of being stuck on an island choice is limited of course). Renting a scooter is 20-25$ a day, an ATV 50-70$, a kayak 5$ per hour and per person (!), so if you want to get around the island that can quickly add up.

Additionally only half of the island has a paved road (from Moyogalpa to Balgue), the rest is unpaved and not in a good way. We’ve experienced quite decent unpaved roads during the trip but the ones in Ometepe were sadly not part of those.

We got around the island quite a bit chasing views and especially sunsets.

I finally got my sunset shot when we stayed in Santo Domingo.

And finally, we stayed near Merida where we took out a kayak for the sunset and managed to get some nice views.

The next day we cycled back to San Jose del Sur.

Some tough inclines there!

We took the ferry back to the mainland and I have to say I wasn’t sad to leave.

Maybe the island life just isn’t for me or my expectations were too high after everyone we met before who was coming from the South told us how amazing it was.

It was pretty cool but for me just not comparable to places like Lake Atitlan, where you just had such a fantastic view over the lake and the volcanos.

On Ometepe it was a lot more difficult to get a good view. Somehow the island just made me a bit melancholic, so on the ferry back to Rivas I was pretty excited to get back on the bike (although we had of course been cycling on Ometepe) and head towards Costa Rica.

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3 Responses to La Isla de Ometepe: Chasing Sunsets

  1. Charo Hana says:

    Hi Kim, nicely written! How are You? What’s up with the Arabic studies? Regards, Charo (ex AUC student)

    • Kim says:

      Hey Charo, how are you? Great to hear from you!
      I’m very well, absolutely enjoying the cycling 🙂 hence not much time for Arabic these days.

      • Charo Hana says:

        Hey Kim, I just saw this reply. I wish you all the best in your travels. Cycling is so good. Hopefully, I can change my scooter for a really nice bike! Arabic is still a beautiful language. I don’t have much time for it today either. Where in Germany are you from btw?
        Anyways, take care. Sending you good vibes!

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