Costa Rica: The first week

Our final border crossing went just as smooth as all the other ones.

We cycled into La Cruz where we spent the first night and were pleasantly surprised by the big portion sizes, the cornershops that you could actually walk info (ever since Belize all the small shops were completely closed off and you’d order what you want through a tiny window) , the happy people and the pleasant hotel room we had for the night, even with a hot shower (imagine such luxury!!).

And then we found out our hotel had this amazing view! Arriving after sunset makes for these great surprises haha (we had been so hungry that we stopped at the first restaurant when we got into town). Awesome place for breakfast!

Of course, all of that has its price and Costa Rica really is not cheap. The cheapest hotels/hostels are around 30 $ and groceries are insanely expensive, like 6$ for a packet of cereals. Not easy to get by here when on a budget. One great thing about Costa Rica is that the tap water has drinking water quality, so no more filtering needed! Yay! Our filter has been great throughout though.

From La Cruz we wanted to cycle to Liberia, but we almost didn’t make it, as Hassan had another flat tire and we actually didn’t manage to fix it, but I had to go and get a new tube (of course we only had a spare tube for my tires and our tires have different sizes). We just about made it that day (perhaps we also started cycling a little too late…).

Liberia reminded me a lot of towns in Mexico we passed through on the way from Cancún to Tulum. A more expensive version of Mexico. It was really crazy to see a Walmart like supermarket again, Nicaragua did have Pali supermarkets but there wasn’t such an overflow of everything. We treated ourselves to a good McDonald’s dinner haha, we were starving because we skipped lunch because of a late breakfast. Not the best idea when you’re cycling! Nuts can only keep you going for so long.

And we saw a scorpion on the way home!

In Liberia we got off the Pan-American (soo much traffic, which made it pretty difficult to stop for pictures) and headed towards Nicoya. Such beautiful roadside views, green hills, blue skies, lots of fields. Really beautiful landscape and a fairly strong tailwind that helped us out a little bit.

We stayed a night in Santa Cruz, where we unsuccessfully tried to camp in the stadium but the security guard sent us away. So we got a motel room for 20$ (already hagled) which was not exactly any better than the many 5$ rooms we got in Guatemala.

The heat was very intense the following day, so we only cycled to Nicoya, where we couldn’t find a room for less than 40$ which we really weren’t willing to pay. Hence a football pitch became our home for the night instead. Washed off the sweat of the day with a knacker shower in a nearby bar and had some pizza.

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