The Gulf of Nicoya: Enjoying Costa Rica in its original state

The Nicoya peninsula is still pretty peaceful with lots of farms, happy Costaricans who wave at us while we’re cycling past and not a lot of tourists. We saw literally one shop with Costarican arts and crafts the whole way from Liberia to Playa Naranjo (from where we took the ferry to Puntarenas). That shop was actually super nice and the owner very friendly, he also made the best frappuccino ever!

From Nicoya we cycled down to Playa Naranjo, where we stayed for two nights before we got on the ferry. On the way there we missed a turn, so 5km ahead we realised we weren’t going the right way and tried to get back to the main road via a short cut. That meant we had to cross two small rivers. While Hassan jumped in right at the first one, I was still a little hesitant but at the second one all I wanted to do was float. So awesome!

(I’m actually not as white as it looks in this picture where I seem to reflect the sunlight, I did get a tan haha!)

This was our little paradise near the ferry:

And some shots from the ferry to Puntarenas which takes about one hour. We also saw dolphins but I didn’t manage to get a picture of them.

From Puntarenas we got a bus to Monteverde to check out the cloud forest which was a little bit of a disappointment.

Essentially it was just a lot of clouds and rain, and kinda cold and a little bit miserable. We made the best of it though, but I really don’t think it’s worth the 20$ entrance unless you’re ready into plants.

Trying to find shelter under a big leaf!

The bus from Puntarenas in the morning took 4 hours and the last bus left at 3 pm (of course we didn’t make that one), so we seemed stranded. We didn’t want to stay the night tho so we just started walking and got superlucky as a friendly Costarican stopped and gave us a ride nearly all the way to Puntarenas, which is 70 km away from Monteverde. For the last 10 km we could just catch a bus that brought us back into town.

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