Costa Rica as you picture it: National Park Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is not super easy to get to when you’re on a bicycle as the climbs make it pretty tough. The six kilometers from Quepos to Manuel Antonio were probably the most difficult ones on the whole trip. Together with cycling around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, that was rather challenging too.

We decided to spend a few days to relax in Manuel Antonio before we’d make our way to San José. We chilled at the beach, had a guided tour at the national park and went on a bird watching tour. Manuel Antonio is pretty much the idea you have of Costa Rica, lots of animals, monkeys everywhere, lush rain forest, beach and the sea.

Here are some of our pictures, hope you like them!

The beach was really amazing, although the waves are pretty strong at times, so swimming isn’t always too easy. And yes, I’ll admit it, it made me miss the Caribbean sea a little bit.

This cool restaurant had a bar inside a plane, how cool is that? So we thought it’d be a good background for a final portrait of us and the bicycles.

Monkeys everywhere!

Here are some of our pictures from inside the national park. Some of these were shot through the guide’s telescope, others came close enough for us to take pictures. The beach inside the national park is in a lagoon so the sea was calm and gentle. Happy me 🙂

Birds birds birds, macaws, toucans, iguanas, sloths, howler monkeys and capuchin monkey, coaties and lots of other animals!

On a more critical note, everything in Costa Rica is insanely expensive without necessarily being better than in any other country. At first we were told, oh it’s just the high standard of living, but that doesn’t really explain things like rice and beans being double or triple the price. Turns out that Costa Rica massively taxes any imports and thus local producers have an absolute monopoly and hence the high costs of groceries etc. Tours are of course also pretty dear, so sometimes it’s just tough to not constantly feel ripped off.

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