Our journey is coming to an end: Back to the Caribbean

We sold our bikes in San José with a smile in one eye and a tear in the other. These guys have done such a great job carrying us all the way through Central America. Six countries, over 2800 km in approximately two months of cycling and so many great experiences. The journey was even better than I had imagined and I’ve definitely absolutely fallen in love with cycle touring. To be honest, before we started I was just really hoping that I wouldn’t hate it haha. It sounded good to me in theory (obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t have decided to do it) but you never know what it’s like once you’re on the road. But that feeling of freedom that you have with your bicylce and your tent on the road, it’s just incredible!

Here are the last views of our bicycles:

They didn’t want to pay for our Selle saddles (or didn’t recognise the worth of them) and said, the bikes only need to have ANY saddle. So we gave them ANY saddle haha. The cheapest saddle we could find, and boy, it was terrible to cycle on for just a few hundred meters. Pure plastic. But stylish, isn’t it?

It was pretty cold in San José (and we had the biggest disappointment with a Lebanese restaurant there. Totally overpriced and bad food. If you’re in San José and you have had Lebanese food ever before in your life, do not go to “Lubnan”. If you want to try Lebanese food for the first time, don’t go there either, because Lebanese food is nothing like what they serve there), so we got on a bus to Puerto Viejo to tank up on sun, beach and ocean before going back home.

We stayed in a lovely hotel at the black sand beach near Puerto Viejo, the sea was pretty wild when we arrived, but it was at least warm and the sun came out for little bits as well. It is still somewhat rainy on the Caribbean side but we were lucky that it usually only rained in the morning and in the afternoon we could still enjoy the sun at the beach.

We rented some beach cruisers (it’s really tough to give up cycling, even for just a few days, you know?) and cycled to Punta Uva, where we found the most beautiful beach.

A cute kitty at a hotel always makes the place more hospitable!

After having enjoyed our last weekend at the beach, we eventually had to return to San José to catch our flights home and join our families for Christmas in cold Europe.

(Puerto Viejo has the coolest bus station ever!)

Although I’m a huge Christmas fan and of course excited to see friends and family again in real life, I was quite sad to see our trip coming to an end. It really has been the bestest of times!

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