10 Life Lessons You Learn from Cycle Touring

  1. You cannot rush life. In all areas of your life, be it your relationship or your career, you just need to be patient. Which is something that I find incredibly difficult and especially in my very early 20s, I tried to rush things that I shouldn’t have and it didn’t end well. So, lesson learned there. I know it can be difficult when there’s pressure from the family or you feel like you’ve reached a certain age, but it’s just not possible to rush things. And it’s never too late to start again, don’t ever feel like you’re to old to start something or you have to stick with something because you think you’re too old.

    And on the bicycle, you certainly cannot rush anything. You gotta pedal every meter, step by step.


  2.  If you just keep going, you will arrive. Persistence is key.



  3. Taking breaks doesn’t mean you don’t arrive. You have to go your own way in your own pace, no one else’s pace matters. Everyone has to go their own way and everyone has to fight their own battles.
  4. Punctures, i.e. obstacles, happen and while they may slow you down, don’t let them stop you.


  5. Don’t waste any of your days. Dream big and plan small. What can you do in one day to bring you closer to your goals? You can’t achieve it all in a day but you can work in little steps towards it.
  6. You have to enjoy the journey. I read an article a long time ago about how you have to choose a career goal where you enjoy the journey to get there. And it’s so true, both in life and on the bicycle. If you wanna be a rockstar, you have to enjoy hours of practice, if you wanna cylce for three months, you have to like cycling quite a bit.



  7. Have a plan but stay flexible. Allow life to happen. Don’t beat yourself up for not living up to your own unrealistic standards.


  8. Keep going. Don’t give up. Go slow, take breaks, but keep going.
  9. Have more faith in your ability! Every day I had moments where I think I won’t make it and I feel tired, but there wasn’t a day where I didn’t make it! You have a lot more ability in you than you might think. Believe in yourself!


  10. Always pack light! 😉


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2 Responses to 10 Life Lessons You Learn from Cycle Touring

  1. Travel echoes general life in so many ways doesn’t it? Excellent post thanks for sharing 🙂

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