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Exposing the Secret of Domestic Abuse in Egypt – by Reem Abdellatif It wasn’t easy growing up as a teenage Muslim girl, with a father who thought he owned your body just because he put a roof over your head or food on the table. Not just that—this was a Muslim … Continue reading

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From a Private School in Cairo to ISIS Killing Fields in Syria – by Mona El-Naggar

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Australian journalist released from Egyptian jail, but 40,000 political prisoners remain

From  by Ben Norton “After serving almost 400 days for a crime he did not commit, Al-Jazeera journalist Peter Greste has been released from an Egyptian prison. The Australian Greste, along with Al-Jazeera colleagues Mohamed Fahmy, an Egyptian-Canadian dual … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Zombie society

From by Reham M. Omar “The Arab world’s most populous nation has reached a critical ethnographic juncture: the stigma of spinsterhood (women who are unmarried beyond the “usual” age of marrying) is haunting the country’s female population. Reham Omar … Continue reading

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Hidden Camera Shows Haunting Stares Women Face on Egypt’s Street

From Egyptianstreets By Mohamed Khairat “While once upon a time Egyptian men and women could walk carefree along the Nile River and on the bustling streets of Egypt, today women walking along the same paths often feel objectified: from the heavy … Continue reading

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An Egyptian Rapper Is Using Her Music to Fight Back Against Sexual Harassment

From Find the original article here! “I realized all the male rappers must have a track in which they talk about girls and their clothes, blaming girls for everything happening around us,” said 19-year-old Mayam Mahmoud, an Egyptian rapper. … Continue reading

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Orientalism. Putting Lipstick on a camel

Genious article from one of my favourite homepages FreeArabs Zouhair Mazouz, Assistant editor of FreeArabs, tackles the issue of continued orientalism, Western patronization, low expectations towards Middle Eastern democracies  and the lack of support for Middle Eastern countries to even … Continue reading

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